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The Polarity Approach for Continuity and Transformation Process (PACT) provides measurable results to organizations, teams and individuals. This simple and complex process helps people See, Map, Assess, Learn and Leverage their most strategic Polarities immediately and over time. The PACT™ will help you get things done faster and more sustainably. Application contexts are wide ranging:

  • Leadership Coaching & Development
  • Organization & Team Effectiveness
  • Technology Implementations
  • Health Care Transformation
  • Culture Change & Alignment
  • Strategy Development & Execution
Step 1:  Seeing - See an Individual, Team or Organization and Their Polarities More Completely

The Polarity Approach to Continuity and Transformation™ is about Seeing, Mapping and Leveraging polarities that will have the greatest positive impact on you, your team, and/or in your organization. In this first step you will begin thinking through the polarities that will provide the greatest leverage. You will also explore how polarities may help you better understand the issues and opportunities you're facing right now – both internally and externally. 

Once you begin seeing Polarities, you'll see them everywhere!  The good news is that once you learn how to see and leverage one Polarity better, others follow naturally.


Step 2:   Mapping - Create Your Polarity Maps®

In this second step, you'll build Polarity Maps® for each of the key polarities you identified as being most important to you.  Polarity Maps® contain the greater purpose & desired results you’ll achieve from leveraging a Polarity well in addition to the negative results you’ll experience if you don’t.



Step 3:  Assessing - Assess How Well Key Polarities Are Being Leveraged 

You can assess Polarities using low or high-tech methods – they are all designed to be “high touch.”  If you’re working with a small group you might ask folks to share their experiences while walking the Polarity Infinity Loop. Our high-tech online assessment can be applied in individual coaching contexts as effectively as it can be used with teams, or to assess a large and diverse group of stakeholders spread all over the world.
Regardless of the assessment method you choose, a Polarity perspective drives insights that create a uniquely positive experience and makes much more possible in response to the question, “What can we do to leverage this Polarity better?
Certified PACT™ Consultants have received advanced training in our PACT™ Process and are qualified to administer our revolutionary Polarity Assessment™.
Step 4:  Learning - slowing down long enough to reflect, at a deeper level, about Your experience and/or the experience of key stakeholders before You Leap to Action.
Asking questions such as, “Why did you - a Leader, Team, Department or Organization - get the results that you did?”, "What validates what we know is true?", "What surprises us?"  etc. are an important part of conducting a worthwhile reality dialogue.  In fact, people describe the Learning Step as a continuation of a language and values clarification process that began with Seeing through a Polarity Lens, and is enriched throughout the PACT™ Process.
Step 5:  Leveraging - Achieve the Greater Purpose of Each Polarity

Leveraging is about getting more with less. The synergistic energy generated in a virtuous cycle can help you achieve your highest aspirations with less effort and sustain these results over time.  The development and 
execution of Action Steps, to go after the upsides of both poles, create synergistic opportunities that is the heartbeat of a virtuous cycle. Monitoring Early Warnings that signal when you are starting to experience downsides due to an over or under focus, protect you from the destructive forces contained in a vicious cycle.
Dual strategies, and the high leverage actions they contain, help you achieve desired results related to both poles of a Polarity. Super High Leverage Action Steps care for more than one of your most strategic Polarities. Early Warning Signals can be difficult to identify (late warnings are more obvious) and are almost always a challenge to monitor consistently. These plans you put in place should build on what you're already doing well, improve on what you want to do better, and provide mechanisms to track your progress and course correct over time.
Follow through on your commitments, leverage your Polarities, and experience a tremendous a return on your investment.